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Akbük Village, Didim - Aydın - Turkey


Caprice Thermal Palace / Akbük Village, Didim - Aydın - Turkey




60 km distant from Kuşadası by highway, 140 km distant to İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport, 70 km distant to Bodrum Airport, 19 mile (32) km distant from Yalıkavak by sea.

An exotic holiday resort situated on 71,280 m2 of Akbük Bay, Didim Tourism Center having minimum rate of moisture and maximum rate of oxygen, 400 meters of beach, pine trees and unique natural beauties. Our resort that that has a wide area is designed to meet all kinds of needs of our guests and facilitate their holidays thanks to the variety and conformity of bed units.

It displays a distinct understanding of holiday with its roads decorated with palm trees, many species of plants having the characteristics of Mediterranean climate, decoration pools and swimming pools that serve for all expectations within a specially designed landscape in combination with the sea and the sun of Didim.

The resort is comprised by 491 rooms in total 336 of which have balcony and 155 lack balcony including 313 Standard, 30 Family Rooms, 49 De Luxe Rooms, 6 De Luxe Family Rooms, 80 Apart Rooms, 6 Single Rooms, 1 Disabled Room, 3 Suite Rooms and 3 Royal Suite Rooms.

Room Facilities
Electronic door lock and light system, mini bar, national and international satellite TV, music broadcasting in 5 channels, direct telephone, hair dryer, WC, bathroom, air conditioner (cold - warm) and safe deposit are available in all rooms.

Cuisine : Special tastes belonging to different cultures. Special tastes belonging to various cultures are presented in 24 hours that are served as open. Our food varieties that are selected from Turkish and international cuisines are prepared in our modern kitchen and served in open buffet and snack restaurants. You can experience pleasurable and romantic nights in a comfortable atmosphere.

Tuba Restaurant
Cuisine : Special tastes belonging to different cultures. Special tastes belonging to various cultures are presented in 24 hours that are served as open buffets in our restaurant. It has an indoor capacity of 350 people and outdoor capacity of 1000 people.

Cadde Cafe
Cuisine : Any kind of cookies and sandwices. During the day, any kind of tea, coffe, cookies and sandwices will be served for free

Divan Bar
Cuisine : Foods, beverages, appetizers. You will relax and spend great time in distinct decoration of our bar


Activities (Charged)
Internet, Photography, Telephone and Facsimile Services, Room Service, Dry Cleaning, Hairdresser, Health Center, Doctor Services, Laundry Services, Car Rental Services, Billiard, Table Tennis, Baby Sitting, Game Center, Ring, Cano, Speed Boat, Banana, Parachute, Beauty Center

Activities (Free of Charge)
Deposit Safe, Step, Aerobics, Water Gymnastics, Animation Shows, Child Club, Sun Shades, Lounge Chair, Cushion for Lounge Chair, Beach Towels, Hamam, Sauna, Tennis Court and Equipments, Football (Carpet Field), Beach Volleyball, Mini Golf

Our pools are specially designed for our guests since they are looking for alternatives other than sun and sea.

Indoor Swimming Pool (Heated)
Details of our indoor swimming pool that is heated for our guests who would like to have the pleasure of swimming in an indoor pool are as follows :
Indoor Pool for Males : 140 - 180 cm depth filled with fresh water
Indoor Pool for Females : 140 - 160 cm depth filled with fresh water

Outdoor Swimming Pool
The largest swimming pools of the region are designed for our guests. The pools are controlled under extreme hygienic conditions and lifeguard services are provided for your safety.
Outdoor Pool for Males : A space of 3000 m2 and 140 - 180 cm depth filled with fresh water
Outdoor Pool for Females : A space of 4000 m2 and 140 - 160 cm depth filled with fresh water

Swimming Pool For Children
Are you worried about how your child will enjoy the pool? You can watch your child swimming in two swimming pools designed for children having depths of 40 - 60 cm and size of 106 m2.


Didim Medusa Kaplıcaları

Thalasso Therapy Center

Health center that serves within a principle of wellness have the necessary equipments required for refreshment and relaxation both physically and mentally. Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, vacuum therapy, mud and plant baths, massage and skin care services are provided for our guests in the health center.

Moreover the other services that are included with in our health center are as follows : Wellness Center, Fitness Center, Turkish Hamam, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Massage, Doctor & Nurse.

Activities such as Water Cycling, Banana, Ring, Jet Ski, Cano, Surf, Parachutes and Water Ski will be available for all day.

Kids World that provides facilities to ease the holiday of families with children include Game Center, food units, accommodation units, game halls, game and education centers, skills development centers, swimming pools, water game pools, slide systems and natural parks.

Mini Club : It includes children between 04 - 07 years old. The club in this category generally provides services for the children whose needs are still taken care of by their parents.

Midi Club : Activities such as billiard, games, computer games, cinema and video are available for children between 08 - 11 years old.

Senior Club : An efficient activity including social and cultural activities is conducted for teenagers between 12 - 15 years old. Expert trainers participate in the activities of this club.

At our Meeting Halls; ( Lalezar Hall / Hürrem Sultan Hall / Esma Sultan Hall )

Public Address System, Overhead Projector, Microphone, Wireless Microphone, Video Projector & Screen, VHS Video, VCD & DVD Home, Cassette Recorder, 114 Screen TV, Stage, Portable Dance Stage, Follow-up Spot Light

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Pamucak, Selçuk - Izmir - Turkey


Aqua Fantasy Hotel & Aquapark / Pamucak - Izmir - Turkey





A total of 868 comfortable rooms of various sizes are available for you to feel at home while enjoying your vacation at Aqua Fantasy Hotel. Our rooms are designed in different sizes and styles for the needs of our diverse customers that range from large families, families looking for relaxation, couples looking for romance.

Standard Room : One double bed and one single bed. Ideal for 2 or 3 adults, fold down children bed is also available.
Deluxe Room : One Bedroom with an in room Jacuzzi and a separate shower in the bathroom. Deluxe rooms are outfitted with DVD player, tea and coffee machine, bathrobe and slippers. Additionally our deluxe room guests are entitled to Express check-in check-out with porter service.
Junior Suite : One double bed and living room furniture that includes a sleeper sofa. Ideal for 3 or 4 adults, fold down children bed is also available.
Family Suite : Consist of two rooms and one bath, furnished with one double bed and either two single beds or one single bed and a sleeper sofa. Ideal for 4 or 5 adults, fold down children bed is also available.
Grand Suite : Unit consist of three rooms and two baths. The master bedroom includes a double bed, Jacuzzi and a separate bathroom with a shower. The second bedroom has two single beds and the living room is furnished with a sleep sofa and a couch. The suite is ideal for 5 adults.
Honeymoon Suite : Unit consist of two rooms an done bath. Our Honeymoon guests can benefit from all Deluxe Room services.

Room Facilities
All rooms ( Standard, Deluxe, Junior Suites, Grand and Honeymoon Suites ) are equipped with Air Condition, Direct Phone Line, Satellite TV, Balcony, Hair Dryer, Bath Tub, Safe deposit Box* and Mini Bar* (* extra charge)

Unforgettable World Cuisine... Two main restaurants capable of handling 1000 guests each serves all-you-can eat breakfast, lunch and diner. 5 A'la carte Restaurants featuring Traditional Turkish Dishes, Exotic Asian Tastes, Italian Specialities, Tender Steaks and Fresh Sea Food are available for a supplemental fee.

Tropicano Restaurant : One of our two main restaurants with a capacity of 1000 guests. Serves all-you-can eat buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Oasis Restaurant : One of our two main restaurants with a capacity of 1000 guests. Serves all-you-can eat buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Marine Restaurant : Fresh seafood choices for our guests. ( Ideal for couples looking for romance )
Mario’s Restaurant : Italian Specialities (Kids favorite)
La Meze Restaurant : Everything you expect from traditional Turkish cuisine
Prime Steakhouse : Tender Steaks for all meat lovers, Mexican choices are also available.
Mandarine Gourmet : Exotic Chinese and Asian dishes for our guests who are looking for something extraordinary.

Additionally, a choice of 10 different bars are at your service with local and imported* spirits as well as gourmet ice cream flavours.
Lobby Bar, Flamingo Pool Bar, Beach Bar, Pirates Bar, Atrium Bar, Foggy Bottom Irish Pub, Fontana Pool Bar, Pearl Snack Bar, Caribbean Snack Bar, Uptown Bar

Our meeting and function spaces can accommodate groups of up to 300 people. For your wedding,elegant social gatherings or business events, we can set our rooms as a shape of reception, banquet, hollow square, theatre, conference, classroom style with audio visual equipment including unlimited food and beverage possibilities.

Projection Screen Curtain, Sound & Audio System, DVD Player, VHS Video, Double Deck (Player), MD Player, Barkovision, Matrix Splitter,
White Board, Cable Microphone, Wireless Microphone, Lavaliere Microphone, Teacher’s Desk Microphone, Head Set, Philip Chart, Teacher’s Desk,
Portable Stage

We offer a full day of Professional entertainment shows, performed by our experienced animation team at Aqua Fantasy. Once the sun sets and the day ends, the night life starts with the opening of the curtain at the large theater at Aqua Fantasy. Our shows that are designed for all age groups invite you to an unbelievable experience. Aqua Fantasy’s various Pubs and Disco will prove neve rending entertainment at this holiday center with live music shows, Karaoke Nights, Limbo Dancing on the Beach and of course nobody wants the entertainment to end while dancing around a fire on the beach.

It's time to rejuvenate your body...Our state-of-the art SPA is the ideal way to rejuvenate your body. Our guests can benefit from our fitness center to stay fit and relax by using the sauna and the Jacuzzi. And of course a traditional Turkish bath together with a customary massage and a foam bath is always here at your service. Also our guests can choose from a various specialized body care and massage options.

This is basic and original Turkish Bath programme. Your body is washed from head to toe with special soaps which cleanse and open your pores and invigorate your senses. The therapists scrubs your body with a special exfoaliting glove which removes all damaged and dead skin tissue and stimulates new skin tissue growth.

The word "spa" in the Latin language means "salus per aquam - health from water". In today's busy world, taking the time out to rejuvenate and improve one's mental and physical health, is no longer viewed as a luxury. It has become a necessity. Aqua Fantasy World Hotel Spa and Club Hotel Wellness Center, offers you the opportunity to escape, for a while to a slower paced, softer world where everyday stresses are left behind.

Footreflex Massage : Footreflex massage is a pressure point massage which effects the toes and the bottom of the foot. The pressure points correspond with certain of the body which get activated by the massage.
Anti - Stress : Relieve muscular tension, stimulate circulation, creates a complete freshness and induce feelings of deep relaxation and tranquility.
Ayurveda Massage : This is an ancient therapeutic healing process which originated in India more than 5.000 years ago. Your therapist administers a very special massage procedure using hot oils in a relaxing candle lit atmosphere.
Cellulite Massage :This decaxving massage helps take centimeters off and reduce cellulite with 100% pure and natural essential gels and creams, used in conjunction with wraps this procedure assists slimming of the waist abdomen, hips, thighs, knees and is carned out in a relaxing aromatic atmosphere.
Foam Massage : This is basic and original Turkish Bath programme. Your body is washed from head to toe with special soaps which cleanse and open your pores and invigorate your senses. The therapists scrubs your body with a special exfoaliting glove which removes all damaged and dead skin tissue and stimulates new skin tissue growth.
Healing Stone Massage : An ancient healing practice, stone therapy massage is a complex and highly synchronized massage utilizing hot&cold stones. This experience restores “Grounding” and harmony to the body.
Queen And King 4 Hands Massage : Two trained therapists perform a symphony of hand movements in synchronization and composition across the entire body. Truly pampering you from head to toe.
Aroma Therapy Massage : This deluxe massage uses specific massage techniques in combination with essential oils to simulate your senses. Your therapists will choose a combination of oils based an individual assessment of your skin type and needs. This is a gentle body massage that concentrates on the muscular system.
Bali Massage : This full body Massage supports rejuvenating and reduces tension with the combination of relaxation and acupressure Massage.
Indian Head Massage : An ancient Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation, Indian head massage incorporates massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. The technique releases muscle tension and stimulates circulation.
Japanese Ritual : The pleasant harmony of an Asian bathing ritual, warmed steam room infused with jasmine, cleansing foam massage, bubbling bath completed with Shiatsu pressure point massage.

Basic Skin Care : Deep clarification of the skin with vaporisation and cleaning komedon followed by a moisturizing mask suitable for the type of the skin.
Milk Bath : Nourishing combination bath (37°) of milk and special aromatic oils to nourish and revitalize your skin, polishing it to a radiant glow.

The mini club is designed specially for our youngest guests to enjoy their vacation. Our well trained and specialized staff created the best entertainment program for our youngest guests. Indoor and outdoor playgrounds, hobby room, special afternoon nap room, kid’s pools and toy rooms are available in the kids club. And after the kid’s meal, it will be an exciting moment to watch your kids performing on the stage under the guidance of our Professional animators.

We believe everyone should join a sporting activity in order to complete rest on their vacation. Therefore we offer variety of sports for you to choose at Aqua Fantasy.

Bowling, Billiards, Tennis, Tennis Lessons, Aerobic, Boccia, Basketball, Darts, Fitness Center, Table Tennis, Beach Volley, Mini Football, Step & Stretching, Night Sports, Internet Cafe Playstation.

Banana, Diving School, Jetski, Parasailing, Ringo, Jet Ski, Wind and Sail Surf, Canoe, Water Gym, Water Polo.

Amphitheater, Kids Workshop, Kids Buffet, Kids Disco, Broadway Kids Shows, Rent a Car, Ice Cream, Change, All Day Animation, Nurse (Due to 24 hours), Internet Cafe, Handicrafts Workshop, Playstation, First Aid, Umbrella, Sunbeds, Beach Towel, TV Corner, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Jeep Safari, ATV Safari, Horse Safari, Towel, Baby Car, Rent a Bike, Tandem Parachute.

Two state-of-the art hotels are side consist of 2 and 3 story structures surrounded by paradise, blue waters of the Aegean Sea and pine trees. Club Hotel has everything that you can dream of a holiday village and a holiday full of pleasures. World Hotel is beyond everything you can dream of a comfortable and enjoyable holiday. Plus Turkey’s number one Aquapark, Aqua Fantasy is just steps away and our guests can enjoy the park all day long. All our guest can benefit from public spaces of the two Hotels and the Aquapark that are built on a 45 acre land to maximize their vacation.

Entertainment, Sport, Animation Show, Aqua Ballet, Aqua Gym, Concert

Aqua Fantasy Resort fascinate you not only with slides but also a rich fast food menu in perfect service manner.
Ephesus Beach Cafes : Offers a rich variety of fast food and beverages to fit your taste! a rich variety of fast food and beverages to fit your taste! Barbecue, and grilled sandwiches... Serves a variety of burgers...
Captains Grill : Parrot's Pizza Pirate's Ice cream Crocco's Calypso Barbeque and Grill
Castle Burger : Serves a variety of real Italian pizzas... Serves Ice cream... For mouth watering barbecue and grilled sandwiches...
Amphora Bar : Serves a variety of cocktails and other beverages...
Kadırga Havuz Bar : Located in the Adult pool, the Kadırga pool bar serves alcoholic beverages in addition to regular beverages! ...
Tropical Snow and Sawed Ice : Enjoy the taste of pure Caribbean delight while you cool off. !

It is not recommended for people with physical disabilities, overweight, neck, back and heart complaints and pregnant women to use the slides within the park.
Please follow the instructions given by the lifesavers and noted on the signs within the park. Violating the rules may cause you to seriously injure yourself and other guests.
Food,beverage and glass objects are not allowed in the park.
No refunds or rain compensations are made.
Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult person during the activities.
Life jackets for children and for those who cannot swim good can be provided from the customer service.
Leave keys and jewelry behind while swimming and sliding.
We are not responsible for lost properties.
Cash is not used in the park. Please load your splash cards.
Please show ID for children.
Life jackets can be acquired with a deposit or an ID card.

Every year, as Aqua Fantasy and Büyük Kolej, we are organising a summer camp for the children between 6-14 ages, which is professionally organised and full of summer sport and educational facilities. Aqua Fantasy Summer Camp is simply the best and the safe camp for the parents who are working during the summer period and want to send their children. Aqua Fantasy Summer Camp is a full day camp which is being organised monthly, except Saturday and Sundays.

The members of Aqua Fantasy Summer Camp are being picked-up from their houses each single morning. Our professional teachers who are holding their related certificates (pedagogic formation etc.) giving various lessons; art activity, swimming lessons in both open and indoor pools, open court tennis lessons and beach volley. The students are also having a great time in Aqua Fantasy Water Park all day long, and also they are taking a part in water sport activities like canoe, banana, pedal-boat at our beach.

We have a private place for the camp members at their lunch time, which they have been served a special lunch menu. We also have a drop-off service at the end of the day to each house of our students.

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Belek - Antalya - Turkey



Grida Village & Spa / Belek - Antalya


Grida Village is located on the sandy coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The resort is set on lush tropical gardens. Grida Village is situated in Belek, Antalya approximately 35 km. from the Antalya Airport and 45 km away from Antalya's city centre.

Paloma Grida Village has a total of 459 rooms. The beautifully appointed 17 Lake rooms, 80 suites, 76 Superior Standart rooms with Seaview and 286 Standard rooms with Gardenview are delightfully designed for the maximum comfort and pleasure. Non-smoking rooms and handicapped rooms are available.

Room Facilities
All rooms are equipped to a very high standard and contain the following : Balconies overlooking the sea,mountains or garden, Centrally controlled air-conditioning and heating, Direct dial telephone, Remote Control colour television, International satellite television programmes, In room safe deposit box, Hairdryer, Music channel on Tv, Mini-Bar.

Connection Family Room : 2 Rooms with a connection door -Bedroom with 1 Double Bed and Separated living room with 2 sofas - Bathroom with bath, toilet.
Dublex Family Room : Dublex Style Room with 2 floors -Bedroom with 1 Double Bed downstairs and Separated living room upstairs with 2 sofas -2 Bathrooms, 1 with bath, 1 with shower, toilet.
Superior Standard Room with Seaview : Very Large Rooms with 1 Double size bed, 1 Single Bed and sofa. -Bathroom with bath and shower, toilet
Economy Standard Room : Bedroom - 1 Double Bed or 2 Single Beds -Bathroom with shower, toilet. Located above the Zoom Bar Area
Standard Room : Bedroom with Balcony - 1 Double Bed and 1 Single Bed -Bathroom with bath, toilet.

Lake Villas
With use of exclusive pool.Bedroom with 1 Double Bed and Separated living room with 2 sofas - Bathroom with bath(jacuzzi) and shower, toilet.


With our ultra all inclusive system, guests will be amazed at our breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets served in the main restaurant and on the terraces. And for our late-risers, a special late breakfast is also available.

Yami Yami children restaurant is available for your children to enjoy their friendly lunch and dinner. Grida Village offers six a la carte restaurants for our discerning guests. Choose from the Alarga Fish Restaurant, the Italian La Strada Restaurant, the Turkish Mangal Restaurant, the Chinese Dragon Restaurant, the Greek Plaka Restaurant and the Pierrot Restaurant which offers a French cuisine.

Relax anytime with our assortment of coffees, teas and delectable offerings ranging from pastries in the Zoom Bar. And for the great Turkish coffee "Cafe A La Turca" is available. La Strada Restaurant and Mangal Restaurants are at your service during the day for snack time. Enjoy late night snacks at our main restaurant served buffet style each night.

Our five unique bars, situated from the disco to the beach, serve a selection of both imported and local alcoholic beverages as well as cocktails; Zomm Bar, Pool Bar, Beach Club Bar, Bar Bianco, Beer Garden. Cheers!

Grida Village offers two expansive pools set amongst tall palm trees. Our Aqua Park holds three enormous slides, and there is two children’s swimming pools close by. While resting on deck chairs under umbrellas on our sandy beach, our guests can gaze out at the majestic Mediterranean Sea.

Spend your holiday as busy, or as relaxing, as you wish. Water sports include exciting activities on the beach as well as at the pools. Canoeing, pedal boats, skiing, surfing, beach volleyball and boccia will make you spend wonderful times at the beach. Our Animation Staff will keep you as occupied as you like with aqua gym, water polo, pool volleyball, and daily games by the pool.

You may also have great time with animation shows during the day and live shows at night, after dinner. Others sports include aerobics, fitness centre, tennis, basketball, dart, mini golf, mini football and table tennis. There is also an internet, games, live music and disco. For a dreamy activity you may try the Beauty Salon with skin care, Turkish bath, massage, sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi.

Our Mini Club caters to kids of ages 4 to 12. We will entertain your children during the day and evening, along with meal times. Grida Village has a separate children's Yami Yami Restaurant with a special children's menu, for those interested. Open seven days a week, the Mini Club provides age appropriate activities, playground times and organized sports for children age 4 to 12. Daily hours are 10:00 - 13:00, 15 - 17:30, and the Mini Disco runs each night for ages 4 to 12.


Saloon 1
Area 276 m2, Length 19,30 m, Width 14,30 m, Height 3,10 m, Stage 36 m2, Theatre 220, Class 108, Cocktail 275, Banquet 150, U Class 48
Saloon 2
Area 157 m2, Length 21,50 m, Width 7,30 m, Height 3,10 m, Theatre 130, Class 54, Cocktail 150, Banquet 80, U Class 58
VIP Saloon
Area 35 m2, Length 5,50 m, Width 6,40 m, Height 2,60 m, Theatre 20, Class 12, Cocktail 25, Banquet 16, U Class 12

Capacities may change on the actual lay out and technical equipment set up as per request.

Among our many services available to our guests are hairdresser, laundry, doctor and nurse, photographer, babysitting, rent a car service, shops in the hotel in addition to internet, fax and meeting rooms.



Turkish Bath : Ottoman Peeling, Foam Massage, Peeling & Foam Massage, Ottoman Body
Ultratone Face : Lifting Treatment, Firming Treatment, Lymphatic Drainage, Ceremony
Massages : Local Massage, Anti-Stress Massage, Holistic Massage, Therapy Massage, Sport Massage, Classic Swedish Massage, Silimming Massage, Aroma Massage, Harmonia Rebirth Massage, Mandara Massage (4 Hand), Balinese Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Hand & Foot Reflex Massage, Foot Reflex Massage, Cleopatra Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Tibet Massage, Chocolate Massage, Pinda Fruit Massage, Tuina
Ultratone Body : Barby Programme, Slimming Programme, Anti Cellulite Programme, Firming Bust Programme, After Pregnant Programme, Anti-Stress Programme
Thermo Spa Concerto : Algea Concerto, Mud Concerto
Presso Therapy : Presso Therapy (Local), Presso Therapy (Full Body)
Harmonia Vip Ceremony : Harmonia Dream, Sothys Gold Ceremony
Hot Stone Massage : Hot Stone Body Massage, Original Hot Stone Massage
Harmonia Body Care : Balinese Peeling, Sea Salt Peeling, Hand & Foot Paraffin, Herbal Peeling, Turkish Coffee Peeling, Coffee Cream, Mud Mask, Algea Wrap, Mud Wrap, Honey Sesam Care, Hot Chocolate Care, Kybele Cellulite Care, Kleopatra Body Ritual
Thai Massage : Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Aroma Massage
Ayurveda : Abhyanga, Shirodara, Kerala Massage (4 Hand), Champissage
Spa : Fitness Center - Free, Turkish Bath - Free, Sauna - Free
Balneotherapy : Hydrotherapies (Salt, Seaweed, Aroma), Choklate Milk Sake Bath, Choclate Bath, Milk Bath
Babor Body Care : Body Wrap, Anti Cellulit Care, Termomodelaj Care (Local), Firming Body Treatment, Hair Care
Babor Face Care : Classic Facial Care, Power Lifting, Face Contour, H&R Care, Crash Cure, Collagen Biomatrix + Q10 (lifting), The Peel of Mask, Champagner, Selection Care, Scen Tao (anti stress), Thermo Modellage, Complex C Care, Advance Biogen, Sea Creation Care, Pure Care, Sun Care, Lactic Clay Mask, Mini Care, Babor Body Peeling, Hydro Pads Eye Care, Firming Eye Mask Peel Off
Sothys Body Care : Sothys Velvet Skin Miracle, Bath Of Youth (Slimness), Bath Of Youth (Tonifying), Bath Of Youth, Dream Of Modelling, Exhirilating Exfoliation With Ginger, Rain Dream Exfoliation, Soft Delight Exfoliation, Sun initiation, Wake-Up Exfoliation, Detoxifying Marine Benefits, Thermal Gel Fondant


1. Anatolian Dream : 1 x Ottoman Peeling&Foam Massage, 1 x Body Algae Wrap, 1 x Aroma Massage, 1 x Tepidarium. Duration: 2 h 30 min.
2. Beauty Day : 1 x Hydrotherapy Bath, 1 x Babor Body Peeling, 1 x Body Algae Wrap, 1 x BABOR Classic facial
3. Beauty With Oxygen (2-3 days) : 1 x Presso Therapy (Local), 1 x Sothys Rain Dream Exfoliation, 1 x Sothys Dream Of Modelling, 1 x Ultratone Slimming Treatment
4. Utopia (3-4 days) : 1 x Ottoman Peeling&Foam Massage, 1 x Mud Wrap, 1 x A Touch of Aroma Bath, 1 x Classic Swedish Massage, 1 x Hot Stone Massage, 1 x BABOR Anti-Stress Facial
5. Babor No Cellulite (5-6 days) : 1 x BABOR Body Peeling, 3 x BABOR Anti-Cellulite care, 1 x Presso Therapy (Local), 3 x Body Algae Wrap, 2 x Ultratone Anti Cellulit, 3 x Mud Wrap
6. Harmonia Delux (6-7 days) : 1 x Ottoman Peeling& Foam Massage, 1 x Mud Wrap, 2 x Aromatic Massage, 1 x Hands & Feet Reflex massage, 1 x Body Algae Wrap, 1 x Holistic massage, 1 x Paraffin Hand&Foot, 1 x BABOR Classic Facial, 2 x Anti-Stress Massage, 1 x Mandara Massage (4 hands), 1 x Chocolate Milk Shake Bath
7. Thalasso Anti-Cellulite (7-8 days) : 1 x Ottoman Peeling&Foam massage, 2 x Body Algae Wrap, 2 x Aromatic Hydrotherapy, 3x Presso Therapy, 2 x Ultratone Slimming Treatment, 4 x Slimming Massage, 1 x Ultratone Barby Treatment
8. Asian Treatment : 1 x Bali Herbal Peeling, 1 x Bali Massage, 2 x Herbal Hydro Bath, 1 x Shirodhara, 1 x Shiatsu, 1 x Reflexology, 1 x Abhyanga, 1 x Original Hot Stone Therapy, 1 x Tibet Massage, 1 x Thai Massage

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Kızılağaç, Side - Antalya - Turkey



Selge Beach Resort & Spa / Kızılağaç, Side - Antalya


It is located 75 km from the Antalya Airport, 15 km from the ancient city Side and 12 km from Manavgat.

With its garden worthy of paradise, enviable position on a golden sandy beach, charming atmosphere and a large number of facilities; this Hotel is a perfect place for a “Get-away- from-it-all” holiday.

For 2-3 adult persons or 2 adult +1child. The rooms are equipped with energy-saving system, Bath/WC, wall to wall carpet, direct-dial telephone, air-condition (split), satellite TV, hair-dryer, mini-bar, balcony. There is a safe-box in every room. Usage is charged per day.

Family Rooms
Maximum capacity is 4+1 persons. There are 2 bed-rooms in a family room. All the equipment is the same as in the standard hotel rooms.

The main Restaurant has one in-door dining-hall and an open terrace , 3 a-la carte restaurants (Chinese, Italian, Fish), lobby-bar, pool snack bar, Piano-bar, disco-bar, Restaurant Bar, Beach-Snack bar and restaurant.

Aqua Park for Children and Adults. International daily animation and evening shows, disco, bowling.

For the ages of 4-12 years old with children animators, Play-Ground, children’s pool with children’s aqua park slides.

A magnificent aqua park with the slides for adults and children, 2 swimming pools, 1 heated in-door pool, children’s pool with children’s aqua park slides. At the pools & beach : towels, chaise-lounges, sunshades and mattress are free of charge.

Free of charge : 4 Tennis-Courts, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery / Air-gun, Boccia, Table-Tennis, Gymnastic, Water-ball, Darts, Pool Games, Shuffle Board, Step-Aerobics and other kinds of sports activities, Fitness Center, sauna, Turkish bath, non-motorized water sports, surfing (with license), canoe.
Chargeable : Tennis floodlight, motorized water-sports, massage and other services and procedures in the SPA & WELLNES CENTER, Billiard, Bowling (4 lines), Video Games.

Jewelers, Hairdresser (unisex), Boutique, mini-market, leather-shop, souvenir-shop, rent a car, photographer. Hotel doctor is chargeable.

2 conference-halls (for 600 & 700 persons), TV Room, parking.

The concept and the prices determined for the Ultra All-Inclusive System put into practise in our Hotel; Services to be given for staying guests.

Breakfast : 07:00 - 11:00, Open Buffet, (Outdoor - Indoor Restaurant)
Lunch : 12:30 - 14:30, Open Buffet - Diet Buffet, (Outdoor – Indoor Restaurant)
Fast Food : 12:30 - 16:00, Food like snacks (Turkish Pizza, Pizza, Hamburger, Sandwich, Stuffed pastry), (Beach-Snack Restaurant)
Tea Time : 16:00 - 18:00, Tea, Coffee, Cakes and ice creme, (Pool - Bar or Lobby - Bar)
Dinner : 19:00 - 21:30, Open Buffet - Diet Buffet, (Outdoor - Indoor Restaurant)
A'la Carte : 19:00 - 22:00, With Reservation, (Chinese, Italian, Fish)
Night Soup : 23:00 - 01:00, Open Buffet

At the restaurant and bars local and imported alcohol drinks, soft drinks, beer, water and fruit juice and cocktail of the day are given as self-service free of charge.

Pool - Bar : 10:00 - 00:30h, (Local and imported alcohol and soft drinks)
Piano - Bar : 10:00 - 24:00h, (Local and imported alcohol and soft drinks)
Beach - Bar : 10:00 - 18:00h, (Local and imported alcohol and soft drinks)
Lobby Bar : 24 hours, (Local and imported alcohol and soft drinks, soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, fruit juices)
Discotheque : 23:00 - 03:00, (Local and imported alcohol and soft drinks)

Free Of Charge
A magnificent Aqua park for the adult and Children Slides, Swimming Pool and Snack Restaurant, Daytime and night time animation, Mini club (4-12 Age), In-door Pool, Sauna, Turkish bad, Fitness-Center, services are been given between 09:00-19:00 h, Land sport (Football, Volleyball, Archery, Table-Tennis, Boccia, Dart, Pool Games, Shuffle Board, Step-Aerobic etc.) will be made with the daytime animation program, Tennis free (light chargeable), Water Sports (between 10:00-18:00 h): Surf (with license), Cano (non-motorized water-sports), At the pools & beach: towels, chaise-lounges, sunshades and mattress are free of charge, Safe-box in the room, Wireless system at the Lobby, Mini-bar fulfilled once upon check-in.

SPA & WELLNESS CENTER, Massage, Parasailing, Jet ski, Water-Ski, Wind Surf, Banana, Sport Lessons, Billiard, Video Games, phone calls are chargeable. Hotel doctor is chargeable.

PS: Check out time from the room is at 11:30 o’clock. After that time, staying at the Hotel and using the departments are chargeable

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